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Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory

Boudreault's lab occupies 3 labs at the 3rd floor of  the Institut de Pharmacologie de Sherbrooke.
The lab is equipped with high performance equipement for analysis and synthesis :

Biotage system (automated flash chromatography)

Synthesis equipements :

  • 8 Solid phase synthesis plateforms

  • 1 Solid phase synthesis plateform with heating

  • 1 Solid phase synthesis plateform with heating and inert atmosphere

  • 2 Speedvac type rotative evaporator

  • 1 Genevac type rotative evaporator

  • Hydrogen and ozone bombs and tanks (60 psi et 1,000 psi)

  • Products and reagents room (~ 10,000 products)

  Two UPLC-MS from Waters


Prep-HPLC coupled to a MS detector from Waters

Prep-HPLC with UV detector

NMR 400 MHz and 600 MHz



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